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image of the top of the McGlynn school with tress in the background of the image

McGlynn Elementary School

Welcome to the McGlynn Elementary School!  We serve over 500 students in grades PK-5, and have about 80 highly dedicated staff members working daily with our diverse learning population.  The McGlynn Elementary School houses one MEEP preschool classroom and five Newcomer classrooms.   Along with classroom teachers, MES has specialists in physical education, music, art, Nexus, and technology.  We are a Title 1 school which allows us to better support our students with four Reading teachers.

Here at the McGlynn, we are committed to nurturing collaboration, imagination, and creative problem-solving.  Employing a  Responsive Classroom model, we strive to establish and maintain an environment that supports the whole child, challenges prejudice, respects differences, and fosters a deep concern for others. The McGlynn educators, staff, volunteers,  parents/guardians, and students work together to provide all students and staff with a safe place to learn while allowing them to be curious and take intellectual risks to achieve high academic standards and grow to their full potential.

Responsive Classroom, Michigan Model, and Zones of Regulation drive the daily routines and expectations at the McGlynn School.  We focus on educating the whole child, and these programs ensure consistent language and modeling throughout the school.  The staff is committed to the Responsive Classroom model.  Some aspects that are implemented with fidelity include modeling expected behaviors, using logical consequences, including students in creating class rules and expectations, and creating a safe learning environment where all are welcomed and respected.

A quick note about me; my professional career began in Chelsea as a building substitute in 1998. I became a 6th grade classroom teacher in 2000 and rose up the ranks as a Dean of Students at a Middle School in 2004, an Assistant Principal in 2008, Principal in 2009 and then changed to Medford in 2016 to be an Assistant Principal at the Roberts Elementary School. I was named Principal of the McGlynn in 2022 and I’m very excited to work with our  students, staff and families. I am a resident of Medford, happily married and have  two beautiful daughters who are student athletes in the Medford Public Schools.

I  value both frequent and open communication between home and school.  Please keep your contact information updated with the school and district so that you will receive our weekly updates and newsletters.  In between communications, please feel free to contact me at any time with questions, comments, or concerns at  I can also be reached via phone at 781-393-2333.

Andy O’Brien
Principal, McGlynn Elementary School


Name: Andrew O'Brien

Phone Number: 781-393-2333 x 5518

Assistant Principal

Katie Fiumara, Assistant Principal of the McGlynn Elementary School

Name: Katie Fiumara

Phone Number: 781-393-2333 x5518